Surgical and orthopaedic clinic

Specialized clinic

 First-class care around the clock

The Clinic, which is located at the railway station in Stade near Hamburg, has single, double and shared rooms, ensuring that the right accommodation can be found for every need. We perform 2,000 procedures per year in 2 operating theatres Since the opening of the Clinic in 1985, we have treated over 50,000 satisfied patients and were the first specialist clinic for arthroscopic joint surgery in Germany.
Of course, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment, using, for example, digital radiography for diagnosis. CPM ("continuous passive motion") is performed with a motion machine immediately after surgery to stimulate fibrous cartilage regeneration.. Our physiotherapy unit is in-house, in order to ensure best results both on the ward and with outpatients. In addition to professional care, our team of over 50 staff work constantly to ensure your stay in our historic listed building is as pleasant as possible.

Your stay

Easily accessible from anywhere

Our clinic is conveniently located at Stade railway station, which means that we are not only easy to reach by public transport, but also by car. Regardless of whether you are coming from further away by plane or from the local area, you can reach us comfortably by bus, train or car.

From initial contact until surgery

After initial telephone contact, you will receive an appointment for a consultation. Please bring the following on the day of the appointment:
Hospital admission documents
X-rays (either as images or on a CD)
External findings (e. g. from internal medicine specialists, cardiologists … and other specialist areas if there were any previous illnesses).
Surgery reports
During your consultation appointment, we will take enough time to make the diagnosis, performing a thorough examination, and to determine the surgical indication. We will determine whether you are suitable for surgery. Furthermore, we advise you on the surgery in detail before making you an appointment for the operation. You will receive a plan for surgery and aftercare.

Ward Rounds

After your admission to the ward, you will have a ward round and a detailed explanation of the surgery, during which your questions will be answered. We take our time for this, because it is important that you are well-informed about the entire procedure.


Modern anaesthesia uses a combination of different anaesthetics to induce sleep, eliminate pain and relax muscles. 


The surgery proper will then be performed, and you can observe it yourself via a monitor, if you do not wish to have a general anesthetic.

Mobilization and Physiotherapy

After surgery, depending on the type of procedure, we immediately begin mobilization and physiotherapy, which we use to support healing and the formation of regenerated fibrous cartilage. You will also be supported with individual measures after your discharge.
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